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How do you like to configure your Murrplastik energy chain?

+ Design of the energy chain

Enter travel length & Calculate energy chain length
Energiekette horizontal freitragend Energiekette horizontal gleitend Energiekette auf der Seite gleitend
play_circle_outline horizontal application
Energiekette vertikal hängend Energiekette vertikal stehend
play_circle_outline vertical application
Input of energy chain length
Input of energy chain length mm
play_circle_outline Length in mm
Input of energy chain lengthn
play_circle_outline Input of energy chain length in number of links n

+ Quick selection of the energy chain

Only recommended if you knowexactly which energy chain you need
play_circle_outline Length in mm

no line selection possible
play_circle_outline Input of energy chain length in number of links n

no line selection possible
play_circle_outline Input orderkey
Travel length, horizontal Travel length, vertical Length of energy chain [mm] Quantity of links Orderkey Quick selection [mm] Quick selection n Please select basis on which you want to configure the energy chain.
LK  [mm]
3  . . .
LK  [mm] = n x T [mm]

Input orderkey: with Space

0522 30 182 175 1 0 1820

Alternative Input orderkey: with hyphens

The ordering key can be inserted via " Copy & paste" .
No technical check.
The length LK of the energy chain results from the number of links n multiplied by the pitch T.
The pitch T depends on the type of the energy chain.
LK [mm] = n x T [mm]
Energy chains of Murrplastik can be quickly selected by entering the order key and later by selecting additional components fully configured.The orderkey only gives information about the chain without any accessories.

A 0 must be preceded at double-digit internal widths and radii. E.G. 0140-01 -020-048-0-0-988 (not 0140-01-20-48-0-0-988).

The order key must be entered exactly described in the catalogue.
Position of fixed point (optional)
Fixed point offset E: Position of the fixed point FP of the energy chain relative to the middle of the travel L.
L / 2
L / 2
E = 0
L / 2
L / 2
L / 2
L / 2
E = L / 2
Conformity (optional)
With this type of installation of the energy chain, the divider system must be loosely encased. The mounting option of the divider system has been adjusted accordingly:

Separator system supplied unmounted
Please select assembly option
Go to:
Chaintype & Attributes
Please select:

Cables separate or integrated in energy chain

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If the maximum outer width BA is entered, the minimum inner width BI will not be considered in the chain selection !

Remark: BI >= 246 mm : Crossbar connector RSV required

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